Got a story? Want to appear in a magazine and get paid for it?

Always wanted to feature in a newspaper or magazine, or even on TV?

Got a story you’d love to share? Want to put a smile on someone’s face? Pay tribute to a loved one? Name and shame? Inspire, raise awareness, bring hope…? If so we’d love to hear from you. We write stories for the UK’s biggest national newspapers and women’s magazines, and the best part, we can pay you for your story. So drop us a line and let us do the rest… It’s that simple!

Who we speak to

We chat on a daily basis to your favourite national newspapers like the Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, Sun, Metro; and magazines like Take A Break, Chat, Real People, Reveal, Closer, Pick Me Up, That’s Life, Bella, Best, Woman’s Own, Woman, Fabulous, New, Chat It’s Fate, Fate and Fortune, Spirit and Destiny, Top of the Pops.

What we do

Once you’ve briefly outlined your story in our form, we’ll determine if the newspapers and magazines will like it, and give you a call for a chat. We’ll ask you for some photos to illustrate it then speak to these publications to see what they say. We keep you in the loop at every stage, always making sure you’re happy to proceed, and if you are, we’ll write up your story and read it back to you. We want you to be happy that the piece we’ve written is accurate. The newspaper or magazine that wants your story may wish to ask you some follow-up questions. Basically we act like a representative, speaking to the media on your behalf. We want the process to be as stress-free as possible for you, and should you decide that you don’t want to go ahead, we will always respect your decision. Any questions, we will help.

Getting paid!

The newspapers and magazines we speak to buy stories so we’re able to arrange a payment for you. If more than one newspaper or magazine likes your story, they will bid for it. The one that likes it the most and offers the most money will run it. Sometimes we’re able to place a story with more than one newspaper or magazine and if that happens, we’ll arrange more than one payment for you. After your story has been printed, you will receive your payment. If a show like Good Morning Britain or This Morning sees your story and wants you on, we’ll arrange this for you too.

Your Stories


Raelin Scurry, 24, from Pennsylvania, US, shared how her fiance Ean Sr, 25, was taking her to the hospital after she started having contractions weeks early - when she suddenly felt her baby coming. Born in the car, EJ emerged in his amniotic sac, which doctors say saved his life.


Tina Rycroft, 29, from Bridlington, worried what strangers would think of her son Charlie, when they saw that he had only one fully formed ear... So she hid his face with a blanket! Growing up, the little boy called himself 'ugly'. But now he's pursuing a career in modelling.

Daily Mail

Jackie Fox, 48, from Dublin, spoke of her devastation after her 21-year-old daughter Nicole took her life after receiving vile abuse online. She wants bullying of all kinds to become a criminal offence.


Tina Rycroft

"Vicky was a pleasure to speak to. She listened to our story, wrote it accurately and if there was any wrong accounts she changed them accordingly. Vicky was a good listener, helpful and an excellent promoter in getting my son's story shared to the world. We would share our stories with her again 💖 Thank you from Charlie & myself xxx"

Becky Lovell

"Victoria is a very professional but friendly journalist, who compassionately questioned me about my story."